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Los Gigantes Complexes

There are many apartment and holiday complexes in the Los Gigantes area, all offering a fantastic service to the thousands of tourists that visit the area. We have listed as many of the complexes as possible, if there are any that we have forgotten that you think we should include, then let us know. If you have stayed somewhere you think we should mention why not let us know about it here on our discussion forum here.


Club 2 Apartments - Calle Tabaiba - Los Gigantes
Las Rosas- Puerto de Santiago
Vigilia Park- Puerto de Santiago
Buenavista Apartments- Los Gigantes
Tamara Apartments- Los Gigantes
Sansofe- Puerto de Santiago
Sansofe 2 - Puerto de Santiago
Sunset Apartments- Los Gigantes
Sunset Apartments- Puerto de Santiago
El Marques- Puerto de Santiago
El Marques Palace- Puerto de Santiago
Eva Apartments - Los Gigantes
Florida Apartments - Los Gigantes
El Sombrero Apartments - Los Gigantes
Harbour Club Apartments - Los Gigantes

These are just a few of the complexes in the area, we will be adding more, along with contact details and comments on visitors experiences at each of these resorts and complexes. If you can send us a review on any of these complexes, or any that are not listed here, then please contact us here .